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Conoser Organization

Scholarship Program:

Conoser scholarship works in partnership with York University. The CONOSER Scholarship gives $1250.00 yearly to a student that demonstrates financial need. Preference will be given to students, at York University, who have a high academic achievement, a minimum admission average of 80% (or equivalent), and have demonstrated civic engagement through social or cultural channels in ways that improve the lives of people in the Spanish speaking community. You can apply directly at York University official website. http://sfs.yorku.ca/scholarships/award_search/search.asp?pageNum=1

Tutoring Program:

Pilar Gonzalez and Sonia Mesa. T2L’s model combines a tutoring program with theatre training and workshops for both parents and youth. Teach 2 Learn focus in Jane and Finch community to develop its program and it will target the Spanish-speaking community there. Teach 2 Learn aims to:

ASSIST Spanish-speaking youth to stay in school, encourage youth out of the school system to continue to pursue their education and to assist youth that complete high school to move on to higher levels of education

ENGAGE parents in the learning process of their youth to create a more vibrant Spanish-speaking community.

DEVELOP a sense of inclusion in and acceptance of Canadian society by the Spanish-speaking community through volunteerism and participation in the educational process of its youth.

Encontrarte Youth Project